Micro-Climates And The Getman Cherry Red Orchards

ROADNOTES-STARDATE AUGUST TENTH TWO THOUSAND SIXTEEN I phone my artist friends and ask “will we see you in Breckenridge, Co. exhibiting at the art fair?” A long hesitation…..” Our R.V. can’t make it up that steep mountain at 12,000 ft”. We set off with a devil-may-care attitude. We travel in an RV with a turbo…
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1881-the Immigrants Are Coming!

1881 – ROADNOTES On St. Patrick’s Day in Cork County, Ireland, my great-grandparents were desperate, hungry and without hope. Bishop Ireland from St. Paul, MN USA was putting together a plan to help populate a small portion of the Midwest. It was his hope to attract farmers from Ireland to break the prairie and till…
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One Of The Lost Boys Of The Sudan.

A customer comes into my store and I ask him where he is from? I can tell that he is probably from Kenya or the Sudan. We visit awhile and then he offers his origins, he smiles and says “I am a lost boy from the Sudan”. His name is Chang Riang and he is…
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In a curious twist this past week we find ourselves as house guests, my host is a rocket scientist. I mean really! a rocket scientist. My wife and I are just outside of Washington D.C. & realize that every major player in the technology world is represented in this city. This fellow worked with developing…
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I blink and eight years have past. I had the good fortune of creating a friendship with Alex Morales. You might remember Alex, He was the fellow that received national news in the U.S.A. when he fled Cuba on a wind surfboard, a death defying feat. At the age of twenty one he was the…
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